Social Media Marketing

Businesses and organizations are now able to stay directly connected to their customers in a highly accessible online environment.

The best brands find creative ways to use social media to align with their core business objectives while sharing the experience with users. Effectively using social media involves much more than just creating profiles on the popular social media platforms. At DAS, we understand the many platforms that exist, the unique user groups of each, and the proper way to communicate accordingly – what works in one platform may not always work in another. Social media marketing and engagement take advantage of consumer behaviors and broaden your understanding about the marketplace and your products. Social engagement elicits feedback, provides instant interaction, and is, generally inexpensive to implement. The social media experts at DAS know that it's an art form to accomplish both stellar engagement metrics as well as purchase intent and sales, serving both your customers and your business.

We can help you make it easy for your audience to participate and will consistently monitor your social media sentiment to find out what people are saying about you and where they are saying it. Part of a successful social media marketing strategy involves creating a plan that is well thought out in order to help you to say something without spamming - your posts should provide some value and be viewed as useful to your audience. They can be designed to create brand awareness, drive traffic specific web pages or to encourage sales. Instead of just posting random thoughts, we can help you develop a plan around what it is that you want to accomplish with your social media marketing and create posts that will trigger engagement. Social media is great because it provides a platform to start and carry on two-way conversation.

DAS knows that each client's needs differ depending on their goals and objectives, their individual business, products or services they offer, and geographic service area. Success in social media begins with an effective strategy. We are diligent marketers who can synthesize the buzz of high social media engagement to the dollars and cents of your bottom line. As part of our strategic approach, we will track and measure your results to determine effectiveness a success social media campaign. Let us find an integrated social media marketing strategy that works for you!