Yellow Pages: Online and Print

Both print and online Yellow Pages are well suited to provide trusted local information in every community, large and small, throughout the country.

Print Yellow Pages

People often turn to paper directories in emergencies and during life events such as moving to a new home. Although younger adults prefer to search online to find local business information, older adults still prefer the traditional print yellow pages (PYP) -- for some, using a paper directory is a force of habit. Depending on your target markets, PYP still has its place in the marketing mix for businesses that have a wide demographic target. You are reaching a mature audience who typically has higher disposable incomes than their younger counterparts. PYP are more trusted, more widely used, and perceived by consumers to be more accurate when it comes to local information than search engines and social networks.

Online Yellow Pages

YP.com is the online conuterpart to the traditional print yellow pages. Online directories such as online yellow pages (YP.com) can be a more cost effective option for local advertisers than general search services (e.g., Google), particularly for small businesses. Small businesses can more cost effectively generate incoming sales calls through an ad on the YP Local Ad Network, linking to branded publishers like Yahoo!, Mapquest, Citysearch, and Urbanspoon. When considering cost-per-call (the amount of advertising dollars spent to generate one incoming sales call), Google's local ads were nearly twice as expensive as an ad on the YP Local Ad Network.

Our Approach

For small to medium sized business, your market can typically seems fragmented which makes it more important than ever to focus on your target audiences. If your target audience is younger, PYP may be less effective. However, some people (especially older demographics and some homeowners) do still reach for the printed Yellow Pages particularly when they need a local business in a hurry. So if your company offers products to consumers with urgent needs (e.g., plumbers, personal injury lawyers, etc.) you may benefit from PYP.

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