Search Engine Marketing

DAS Group takes a holistic view of Search Engine Marketing to ensure natural and paid search work together seamlessly to support your overall marketing goals.

Our 30 years of experience in the local search space gives us a unique history and perspective on how consumers search for and choose local business providers. We work with clients to ensure they are found no matter how consumers choose to start their search; pay per click, organic search, local directories or review sites. We make sure our client's brands are found and a consistent message is presented every step of the way.

DAS Group focuses on the metrics that matter. The technologies we employ are not just built to support our way of doing business, they are specifically designed to give our clients the insights they need to make educated decisions about theirs. Instead of just focusing on campaign performance at the top of the funnel, we work with our clients to learn more about the quality of prospects, what makes them tick and how best to handle each from the in-bound inquiry to the purchase.

search engine marketing

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  • paid search

    Paid Search/Pay Per Click (PPC)

    DAS Group helps our clients turn searches into sales. Our integrated approach to pay per click advertising through paid search ensures you receive the highest possible return on your investment.

  • Search And Display Remarketing

    Search And Display Remarketing

    Take advantage of search and audience insights with keyword, audience and contextual based remarketing campaigns. Build audience profiles for top converters and find more prospects like them.

  • seo services

    Search Engine Optimization

    Our approach to SEO is not about short-term wins. We develop a thorough understanding of your users, their search behavior and needs and put in place the right foundation to support a long term strategy for improving overall visibility in search with your target audience.

  • Yellow Pages- Online and Print

    Yellow Pages: Online and Print

    Print and online yellow pages deliver customers at the end of the buying cycle and represent a unique audience of ready to buy prospects searching locally for products and services. Let us show you why they are still relevant today.