Reporting & Analytics

DAS Group provides our clients with access to proprietary tracking tools that are designed around their business, with reports that speak our customers language and measure the metrics that matter most to them.

Through AdJack, our clients have real-time insights into how each one of their campaigns is performing for both online and offline media. Campaign data is available for individual campaigns, ad units, locations and more. Easily track the return on investment of paid and organic search campaigns with access to all traffic, rank and call reports at a keyword level. Benchmark and compare performance of all campaigns and get a better overall picture of how each works together to deliver potential customers to your business.

Moving beyond just traditional performance metrics, we provide call monitoring to help improve call handling and sales performance. DAS Group provides summary statistics and analytics on peak call times, services or products requested, closing rates and other qualitative metrics that help improve your potential customer's experience from the top of the funnel to the bottom.

Screenshot of Reporting and Analytics

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DAS Group's proprietary media tracking system AdJack allows clients to easily track the return they receive from their advertising dollars. Media placements can be tracked by campaign and market area providing granular data on each individual placement. You will know which keywords generate calls or leads and which words generate a click but no lead.

AdJack takes data collected from multiple sources (such as web events, phone calls, click to call, form fills, etc.), compiling these results for an in-depth look at how each portal performs as a lead generator.

Screenshot of AdJack

Call Monitoring And Performance Measurement

You invest a lot in your call center so you want to make sure that they are operating as effectively as possible while ensuring the customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of the service they receive. Call monitoring and performance measurement is a helpful tool that helps identify how much time an agent is "speaking live" to your customers. DAS Group does this through quality monitoring of the call centers and their employees.

There are a number of important KPIs, including:

  • Abandoned calls
  • Calls answered
  • Calls offered
  • Average wait time
  • Grade of service
  • Conversion
  • Average call length

By monitoring a statistically significant number of calls and scoring them against a calibrated scorecard, we can maximize the value of your call center and call center employees.