Local Listing & Maps

Local search is increasingly important with the explosion of mobile users, GPS, and even localized searches from desktops.

Effective local search and local listing optimization ensures your business will rank in search results as well as generate good leads. Optimizing your local listings with relevant keywords, correct address listings, good images, uniform information, and other variables will improve rankings in local search results.

local listing optimization

Lead generation for local business begins with great online citations and listings. Customers searching for your business, or keywords related to your business, in your search area need to find you instead of your competitor. Businesses with well-optimized listings in Google+ Local, Bing Local, and Yahoo! Local are miles ahead of the competition.

DAS Group optimizes your listings and manages them by:

  1. Making sure the business information is complete and accurate.
  2. Selecting the most appropriate, specific categories.
  3. Ensuring a strong, accurate presence on the web.
  4. Monitoring your local listings
  5. Generating new citations
  6. Validating the accuracy of backlinks
  7. Revising local listing and clean-up