SEM: Google is Possibly Removing Line Separator Between Organic and Search Ads: How Will it Affect You?


Google is constantly testing their user interface, and in most cases they do not announce what they are testing to the public. As recently as March, Google was testing not displaying the line break or separator between the search ads at the top of the results and the organic listings below. The main question with this change is will it cause more confusion for the searcher and what will it mean to businesses that currently pay for ad space on Google. If this rolls out, it will have quite an impact on users understanding of what is, and isn't, an ad.

What It Means to the Consumer?

While it doesn't cost searchers anything to click on a paid ad in the Google interface, the results aren't always what the user intended. For some users, paid ads seem to deliver the correct results the user is searching for, while organic results might land inexperienced searchers on the wrong page resulting in a frustrating user experience.

What It Means For Paid Results?

This test is clearly Google's attempt at blending paid ads into organic results more seamlessly as what we assume is an attempt to garner more clicks on paid ads. For an average user, this is not going to have much effect, though it may be a bit annoying. A good Search Engine Marketer knows that it's all about delivering the right ad, to the right user, at the right time. Google's quality score is based on our ability to do this. When you confuse or mislead the user with an advertisement that is not relevant it will result in accidental clicks and wasted advertising funds

How Can You Prepare for the Change?

We aren't quite sure if these changes will be implemented on a global scale, but it is safe to assume that anything is possible. One thing is certain, we cannot rely on Google informing us ahead of time of any changes that are coming. In order to prepare for the possibility of these changes, businesses need to focus their attention on creating unique and remarkable content for the websites. This includes any ads they create and the pages to which these ads link.

A skilled Search Engine Marketer knows what needs to be done to ensure that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to changes on Google's horizon. For more information about how DAS Group can help your business prepare for this possible change contact us today.