Reviews: Best Practices for Responding

Responding to review

Responding to reviews provides a great way of learning more about your business as well as the experience your customers had with your brand. If not handled properly, responding to reviews can be detrimental to your business now and in the future. It is important to respond to reviewers with great care and concern for their needs. Internet messaging can be easily misunderstood and misconstrued.

We have gathered some tips that will help you when responding to reviews:

  1. Reviewers are human beings who are entitled to their own feelings, sensitivities, and opinions, no matter how unpredictable they may seem to you. Their reviews are the best way to understand how your business is perceived by your community.
  2. Remember that reviewers are paying customers. They are not your competition and they are not your enemy. They have invested time and money in your business. Try your best to take their feedback constructively.
  3. Reviewers are vocal, they are investing their own time in sharing information about your company. Don't take this lightly; if it's important to them, it is most likely important to others and therefore, should be very important to you.
  4. Always respond to reviews ensuring replies are timely, simple and gracious.
  5. Try not to be a salesperson when responding. Your reviewers are already customers, there is no need to advertise or offer incentives. Tell them about your business and inform them of any new updates. Share information about your business that they may not have learned during their previous visit. But above all else, be sure to be thankful and appreciative of their feedback.

Responding to Positive Reviews

When you reply to positive reviews, simply thank them and let them know you care. Do not use this as an opportunity to invite them to an event, offer a gift certificate or add them to a mailing list. These types of responses can actually leave a negative impression and break the trust you have worked so hard to establish. Even a gift can leave a bad impression, as they may feel like it's a bribe or payment for the review. Be genuinely thankful.

Responding to Negative Reviews

You will surely want to invest a lot of thought into your word choices, stick with simplicity. Thank the guest for their feedback, and that's about it. If you've implemented changes in your business since their review, let them know. Other than that, adding much else could be detrimental and could actually escalate any negative feelings or reactions. Try to take their feedback constructively and move on.

Lastly, always remember that all clients, current ones as well as potential ones, can see the reviews others leave for your business as well as your responses to these reviews. Review platforms are public and you will be judged by your response as much as by your reviews so choose your words carefully. If you need assistance managing or responding to reviews, feel free to contact your DAS Group account representative today.