Local Listings: Why We Hate Them and Love Them

Local Listings

Cleaning up local listings is not easy. Generally, agencies employ services that merely create new listings instead of repairing the old. Ensuring your business's local listings are up-to-date and accurate takes attention to detail and a lot of hard work. There are numerous services that provide so called "quick fixes," but the truth is most services only touch a fraction of the sites that make up the local search ecosystem. DAS Group takes a holistic approach that combines feed management, local profile development across hundreds—sometimes thousands—of locations, manual verification and claiming and more.

Why Do We Hate Local Listings?

Generally, agencies employ services that merely create new local listings instead of repairing the old. However, if an agency only creates new listings for an existing company without either repairing or getting rid of the old listings, a company's business can suffer. Incomplete online data can lead to confused customers and a sizable revenue loss.

How do Inaccurate Listings Negatively Impact Sales?

When customers look up a business, all of the old, inaccurate local listings will come up along with the new, correct listings. This gives potential customers confusing information. For example, if addresses or hours of operation vary from listing to listing, a customer won't know where a business is located or what times the business is operating. To maximize your business's potential, accurate local listings are essential.

What Causes Multiple, Inaccurate Listings?

Perhaps there's a misspelled business name on one listing. Maybe a business has changed its phone number or moved to a new physical address, or perhaps the URL has changed or been updated. Potential customers may think that each listing—whether correct or incorrect—represents a separate business. Businesses need to be aware of this common pitfall of local listings.

Let DAS Group Manage Your Local Listing Data

When you work with DAS Group, we carefully comb through the many listings on the web, deleting duplicates, claiming correct listings through owner verification and updating incorrect data about your business as needed. Removing incorrect listings may involve many online searches, contacting each search engine directly to remove incomplete listings and making sure that each individual listing has the correct Facebook, Twitter, website and other social media links readily and clearly available.

This can be an extremely overwhelming, potentially confusing and time-consuming process for businesses. It's extremely important that your business's online data is complete and accurate. Talk to us today about a comprehensive strategy for improving your business's multi-location presence in local search results.