How to Broaden Your Online Opportunities Using Social Media

It will come as a shock to no one that social media has changed the way we communicate. And while social media may be a great tool for keeping in touch with our personal connections, it is also a great tool for brands. Social media is an important tool for expanding your brand online, and with the right messaging these tools will broaden your business' reach.

Getting Started Building Your Online Presence

Social Media Before diving into building your online persona, it is smart to familiarize yourself with social media, especially how it relates to your brand. If you're not familiar with Twitter & Facebook, spend some time researching your competitors to see what they are posting and how their customers are interacting with them. If you're considering building a blog for your brand, you should visit their websites and see what they are blogging about and where they are sharing those blogs. When you begin posting online, you must be conscious of your tone of voice.

Engaging With Your Audience

Posting on social media is more than just providing information to your followers, it is about engaging with them by creating unique experiences. If you want your customers to care about what you are selling, you have to be informative and entertaining when you post. Your posts should be a mixture of information about your brand and posts that are not directly about you, but still relevant to your industry. Whatever you do share it needs to be informative, entertaining, inspirational, and remarkable.

Create Quality & Useful Content

Sale AlertA clear, concise message increases the chances of your followers reading your messages and sharing them with their network. The key to getting any social channel to engage your customers, is to ensure everything you post is backed by strategy. Twitter adds millions of new users each year that are looking to engage with brands and their influences. Most twitter users access Twitter through their mobile devices so depending on your type of business, share posts that would benefit users on the go. For instance, local storefront businesses can share sales or events to their local following. These posts can bring customers into your business when they may not have intended on stopping by.

Be Social

Continue to engage with your followers after you have posted on social channels. Your followers will use social media to ask questions about your brand. These questions may be about your products or services, and ignoring them can cost you a follower and sales. Stay on top of the conversations happening on your channels and be informative to your customers.

Optimizing Your Social Presence

The social media landscape changes rapidly and therefore you will need to be constantly updating your strategy and goals. Consider new features to social media channels and create strategies that fit new features and offerings. If you're not optimizing your presence often, it gives a savvy competitors the chance to take some of your market share.