Build Your Audience: Remarketing What's Possible

Building your online audience profile has become an essential component to the development of your digital marketing strategy as more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access information about the products and services that you offer. This presents an exciting opportunity for marketers to execute creative mobile and online solutions for capturing audience attention, in turn, converting prospective leads into real time sales. Local MarketingDeveloping a closer relationship with your ideal customer rests in the palm of their hands. With the increased usage of mobile phones and a high consumption rate of smart phones and tablets, marketers can improve the effectiveness and relevancy of their mobile marketing campaigns by capitalizing on location data and local targeting. Through a focused approach, integrating these localized campaigns and harnessing the power of mobile technology, can prove to be truly successful in reaching your ideal customer.

So what is an online audience profile?

As with any marketing strategy, your online audience profile, also known as a persona, provides data and information that highlights specific habits of your online customer. A well-defined profile gives clues to individual lifestyle choices, demographic and geographic information which digital marketers can then utilize with highly targeted advertising, social media campaigns or email marketing campaigns. This provides valuable insight into the products and content that most interests them and enables them to find out through careful messaging placement.

Gone are the days where marketers simply used basic information such as zip codes to define who their customers really are. Location targeting can unlock valuable opportunities for gaining powerful insight into how consumers are really using their mobile devices and what the best strategy is for creating engaging experiences for them.

Location-Based Technologies for Mobile

Mobile Promotion AlertYour ideal customer is within reach of your new product or promotional offer. But how do you capture their attention and delivery a compelling message? More than just "check-ins" or "likes," consumers are seeking mobile alerts and offers that are most relevant to them in that moment. Ultimately, the more targeted the content is, the better the results for the brand in question. If you're ready to develop your businesses' mobile strategy, there are several location data strategies that you can employ:


A geofence is as the name implies; a virtual ‘fence' or perimeter that surrounds the physical space that your consumer is shopping in or visiting. This offers a targeted way to deliver specific advertising to those who are within those parameters through push notifications that users have opted into.


Here, users enter specific location details to find what they're looking for by way of state, city, street or zip code making for a much more accurate result. For marketers, this is important since the user has indicated that they are seeking products and services in that area, even if they are not physically present at the time.


In the form of small, Bluetooth transmitters, iBeacons are similar to Geofencing, but with a shorter range capacity. iBeacons can trigger notifications when a customer comes in close contact with the device, for example if placed on a billboard, poster, painting or clothing rack.

This is a great way for marketers to capture consumer attention by offering them information or offers directly related to the object that they are close to.

WiFi – Hot Spots

Ideal for targeting ads to those in close proximity to a specific physical location, WiFi hot spots will estimate the user's location within the radius of a wireless network access point and offers an accurate geo-location method.


Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite networks orbit around the earth, allowing devices to pick up signals from it. Although accurate, GPS signals sometimes do not work well depending on where the user is situated and is usually coupled with Wi Fi access.

Privacy Considerations

While there is no denying the benefits of location based marketing, it is important to understand the risks and privacy considerations for the user, especially with regard to geofencing and GPS tracking.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) outlines a detailed report surrounding the privacy guidelines and recommendations for those wishing to employ location based marketing techniques.

As the FCC states, "Because mobile devices have the ability—and often the technical requirement—to regularly transmit their location to a network, they also enable the creation of a precise record of a user's locations over time. This can result in the creation of a very accurate and highly personal user profile, which raises questions of how, when and by whom this information can and should be used."

When implementing a location based marketing campaign, keeping in mind these top 5 privacy concerns will assure that your customers are 100% aware and knowledgeable about the activities that they are participating in.

  1. Relevance – No one likes spam! Content that is shared with your user should be kept relevant to what they are expecting.
  2. Notification – End users should be aware of how their location information will be used or shared before they are required to authorize this activity.
  3. Opt-out – Consumers should be given the option to retract their decision to allow any activity based on providing their location.
  4. Opt – in - It is absolutely essential that your users are clearly given the choice to agree to receive notifications before disclosing their location information. Any messaging or campaigns that are advertised should constructed in such a way that is obvious to the consumer that they are being given the choice to agree.
  5. Security – Three's a crowd! Consumers should be expected to receive security measures that do not allow non-affiliated third party notifications or activities.

By treating your consumers as the unique individuals that they are, you open the floodgates for a wealth of opportunities and success with your location based mobile campaigns. Personalized, targeted promotions are a powerful way to connect with your audience and provide them with relevant messaging that drives engagement and instills brand loyalty. Consumers are on the move and so are their phones. Delivering strategic information to them means they will be more likely to consider your products and services over mass marketed, generic messaging.