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Brand Preference & Search: Creating Brand Preference is Hard Work

Brand Preference & Search

Traditional media and marketing channels have done their fair share of helping to raise consumer awareness, as well as purchase intent. However, after years of using traditional strategies, companies have long since entered the digital marketing...... Keep Reading »

Consumers Prefer Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Applications: Who Wins?

Recent data states that nearly 90% of smartphone users' time is spent in apps; however, many surveys have shown that users actually prefer mobile websites to mobile apps when using the mobile internet. What's the Difference Between a Mobile Website...... Keep Reading »

Local Listings: Why We Hate Them and Love Them

Local Listings

Cleaning up local listings is not easy. Generally, agencies employ services that merely create new listings instead of repairing the old. Ensuring your business's local listings are up-to-date and accurate takes attention to detail and a lot of hard...... Keep Reading »

Paid Search: The Rising Cost of Cost Per Click (CPC) Advertising

Cost per Click Advertising

The Cost per Clicks (CPCs) on Google continues to rise for most businesses. What are some key considerations for advertisers when deciding how much they can afford to pay for clicks and still return on their investment? Setting the ceiling for...... Keep Reading »

Pay Per Call: Survival Guide

Pay Per Call

So what is Pay Per Call? Pay Per Call refers to a model of advertising whereby the consumer is prompted to make a call based on a number provided in an advertisement. The advertiser does not pay until they receive a call hopefully from a prospect...... Keep Reading »

Apple Launches "Maps Connect" Self-Service Local Listings Portal

Apple Maps Connect

A few months ago, Apple quietly rolled out a new feature called "Maps Connect", a DIY business listing service that adds business information to Apple Maps. To enhance the mobile customer experience, Apple allows business owners and representatives...... Keep Reading »

Dialing Down: A Closer Look at Call Quality

Call Quality

The increase in mobile connectivity has helped to shape communication as we know it, connecting people from all corners of the globe and creating new opportunities for business. No longer do consumers operate in a limited, defined space. Instead,...... Keep Reading »

How to Broaden Your Online Opportunities Using Social Media

It will come as a shock to no one that social media has changed the way we communicate. And while social media may be a great tool for keeping in touch with our personal connections, it is also a great tool for brands. Social media is an important...... Keep Reading »

SEM: Google is Possibly Removing Line Separator Between Organic and Search Ads: How Will it Affect You?


Google is constantly testing their user interface, and in most cases they do not announce what they are testing to the public. As recently as March, Google was testing not displaying the line break or separator between the search ads at the top of...... Keep Reading »

Build Your Audience: Remarketing What's Possible

Building your online audience profile has become an essential component to the development of your digital marketing strategy as more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access information about the products and services that you...... Keep Reading »

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